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We know you have missed us, and we have certainly missed you! Well now you can come back and visit all your favorite animals at The Scientific Center, virtually!

Explore the three major habitats of Kuwait by joining one of TSCK’s Explainers on a virtual tour through the Desert, Coastal Edge and Marine Ecosystems of the Mijbil AlMutawa Aquarium.

Using Zoom, you can learn all about the Fennec Fox, or see Bibi, our great Sand Tiger Shark, circling Kuwait’s largest Aquarium, while having a personalized tour through the aquarium.

Available as either a public group booking, or one completely private just to you and your family, you can visit the aquarium from the safety of your home for as little as little as KD 5 per device. That is right, you can have your whole family tour the Aquarium from KD 5 on your computer or iPad!

Did you miss the critter corner? Well this is your chance to see it again and get up close with some of TSCK’s ambassador animals, such as the hedgehogs, turtles, snakes, giant snails and or hissing cockroaches.

While in the Coastal Edge, your family can learn about Kuwait’s strategic location on the coast, and the recent archaeological find of the oldest sea faring vessel in the world, not to mention the iconic penguins that are thriving and playing with all the energy you remember.

When we enter the Marine ecosystem, we will visit our main tank to observe the largest collection of marine animals, including sea turtles, groupers, sharks and rays, followed by our well-loved shark show to learn about shark biology and the vital role they play in marine ecosystems.

All throughout the tour, you and your family will learn about how humans impact ecosystems negatively, particularly Kuwait’s habitats, and how you and your family can help conserve our ecosystems for the future!

Tours are available in both the English and Arabic language, so be sure to book your tour in your preferred language, as well as to make sure if you want only your family to experience the tour without any other visitors, to choose “Private Tour” on the following booking page.


All tours will be booked as per individual device. It is possible for customers to book more than one device at an additional charge. For Public Tours, visitors will be with other members of the general public, and will have no access to chat functions, sharing of screen or audio, without permission given by the TSCK Explainer after using the “Raise Hand” function in Zoom. Charge per device in public tours is KD 5.000, with no discount for additional devices. For Private Tours, visitors will have an exclusive, fully engaged experience with the TSCK Explainer, with the ability to interact and discuss the animals on the tour with the Explainers. Charge for the initial device booked is KD 30.000, with KD 5.000 for each additional device requested. To request additional devices, please contact The Scientific Center during working at least 2 hours prior to your booking at 1848888.
Day Time
 SATURDAYS   10 AM – 11 AM
 12 PM – 1 PM 
  2 PM – 3 PM

  1. Please note, TSCK cannot guarantee all preferred animals will be available for viewing, due to the nature of live animals.
  2. Recording or sharing of video or audio while in a Virtual Tour is strictly prohibited, and can result in eviction from the Zoom channel with a ban from booking future Virtual Tours, and will not entitle the visitor to a refund.
  3. Cameras, chat and audio for public tours will be automatically turned off to protect user privacy at the start of the tour. Those with questions need to use the ‘Raise Hand’ function. For a more interactive experience we recommend a private tour.
  4. Public tours are delivered in the language mentioned on the calendar. Due to time constraints, we cannot support bilingual delivery of the tour.
  5. There is no refund available for the Virtual Tour; customers may reschedule the tour one time only within the following 30 calendar days of purchase, and must give minimum 24 hours notice between the hours of 8AM and 4 PM.
  6. Customers may be removed from the session by staff if behavior is deemed inappropriate, disrespectful or disruptive to the experience of other users.
  7. Sharing of the Zoom link and password with unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited, and can result in losing your booking without refund.
  8. Users who are more than 10 minutes late to join the session will not be admitted and must reschedule.
  9. You will be asked to provide your Booking Reference Number at the start of the session.
  10. The Virtual Tour is approximately 50 minutes long with 5 minutes of introduction / gathering time at the beginning of the tour and a 5 minute Q&A session at the end of the tour.

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