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Kids Science Club

Kids Science Club

Get ready to join The Scientific Center in its best kind science-based after-school program! With two courses available for ages 6 to 12, your children can take their love for science and continue the learning fun after school!

Children who love science will be introduced to science-based concepts and have them apply these concepts through a series of challenges and hands-on activities.

Starting April 22nd, children can come in once a week in the afternoon hours on Mondays and Thursdays to supplement their learning with curriculum based topics that encourage them to feed their passion for science.


Marvelous Mixtures with Bubbles
Monday, June 24th
5 PM – 7 PM

Calling all little scientists! Are you ready to discover the amazing world of chemistry? In this exciting adventure, you'll learn about the cool ways that substances can change and what makes them different. You'll get to mix up some wild mixtures and watch your own chemical reactions take place! Let's get experimenting!

Recycle Lab
Thursday, June 27th
5 PM – 7 PM

Calling all eco heroes! Global warming is a big problem, but guess what? YOU can save the planet! Discover exciting solutions to beat global warming. Learn to recycle like a pro and create your very own eco-friendly bags, saving animals and nature from harmful plastic! Let's team up and save the planet together! Join the adventure, be a planet-saving superstar!

Green Planet
Monday, July 1st
5 PM – 7 PM

Join the adventure with plants and animals that keep Earth happy! Dive into a fun workshop to learn how plants help us live on our amazing planet. Discover cool experiments, meet Earth's helpers, and get creative with recycled art to keep our home green and healthy! Let's make learning about nature super fun!

Animal Encounters
Thursday, July 4th
5 PM – 7 PM

Join us in exploring the animal world! We’ll get to see all sorts of animals, from birds to fish, reptiles, mammals and more! We’ll understand all about their different and unique behaviors and how they adapt, and that’s not all! We’ll get to distinguish each one’s unique characteristics and then go on a treasure hunt expedition in the aquarium and meet real animals! Let's set out on this unforgettable animal expedition!

Slime Science
Monday, July 22nd
5 PM – 7 PM

Get ready for an explosive adventure in chemistry! Discover the amazing states of matter and dive into the wacky world of SLIME! Ever wondered why it's so squishy and stretchy? Unleash your creativity as you make your very own bag of personalized slime to take home! Let's have a gooey good time together!

Junior Investigator
Thursday, July 25th
5 PM – 7 PM

Calling all young detectives! Are you ready to solve a thrilling mystery? In this exciting activity we will be investigating a crime that is based on Agatha Christie's classic "Murder on the Orient Express" novel. We'll study exciting evidence, learn about how to collect clues, and explore the final results to catch the criminal. Let's get to work and solve this case!

Art Methods Lab
Monday, August 19th
5 PM – 7 PM

Calling all young artists! Dive into the colorful world of art at our STEAM workshop. From shaping clay to painting like a pro, explore exciting mediums and create fridge-worthy masterpieces!

City Builders
Thursday, August 22nd
5 PM – 7 PM

Get ready for an adventure in engineering! Join us as we build a mini city with buildings, bridges, and streets. It's like being a real-life civil engineer! Let's design, build, and test our creations together in this awesome challenge!

Flight Club
Monday, August 26th
5 PM – 7 PM

Welcome to Flight Club! Our first rule? Build planes! Learn aerodynamics basics and craft your flying machine using recycled materials. Let's fly together and see whose creation can glide the farthest across the room!

Egg Drop Challenge
Thursday, August 29th
5 PM – 7 PM

Hey, young scientists! Get ready to dive into the exciting world of the scientific method! Explore, experiment, and have a blast testing name- brand products and taking on challenges like the egg drop! Let's discover together!

Potions Lab
Monday, September 2nd
5 PM – 7 PM

Welcome to the Potions Lab! Explore the magic of chemistry as you prepare your own brews and potions. Discover the secrets of chemical and physical changes, elements, and compounds. Let's mix, stir, and create some science magic together!

Care of Magical Creatures
Thursday, September 5th
5 PM – 7 PM

Imagine if magical creatures roamed our world! Learn how to care for them and explore the similarities to real-life zoology. In this enchanting workshop, we blend science and fiction, answering questions and sparking curiosity. Grab your wands and let's set out on a magical journey of discovery together!

Moon Colony Builders
Monday, October 21st
5 PM – 7 PM

Are you ready to land on the moon? Explore space, astronauts, and the mysteries of the moon in this stellar workshop! We’ll enjoy a thrilling star show, craft our own constellations, and create a whole colony on the moon using STEM materials. Blast off with us for an out-of- this-world experience!

The Green Team
Thursday, October 24th
5 PM – 7 PM

Join the Green Team, where we unite to tackle global challenges like plastic pollution, greenhouse gases, and animal welfare! Through fun activities, we’ll team up to form TSCK's very first Green Team: Kids Against Environmental Decline! Let's make a difference together for a greener, brighter future!

The Night Sky
Monday, October 28th
5 PM – 7 PM

Let's explore the cosmos! Discover what stars are, journey through the solar system, learn about moon phases, astronomy, and constellations. We’ll craft our very own constellation viewer jar, then enjoy a spectacular star show at the Discovery Place. Let's gaze at the stars and uncover the wonders of the universe!

Solar System Science
Thursday, October 31st
5 PM – 7 PM

Join us on an incredible journey through the cosmos! Explore astronomy, the solar system, and exoplanets as we venture into galaxies together. Engage in out-of-this-world activities like crafting your own planet, solar system hat, and constellations. Let's reach for the stars and discover the wonders of the universe!

Food Science (with special guest)
Monday, November 4th
5 PM – 7 PM

Let's dive into the science of food! Explore the biochemistry of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and learn about diseases linked to poor diet. We will create our own healthy meal models from clay and recycled materials and have our food questions answered by a nutrition expert. Let's cook up some knowledge together!

Life Skills for Kids
Thursday, November 7th
5 PM – 7 PM

Discover the keys to success in everyday life! Children will learn essential concepts for their present and future. Engage in decision-making, public speaking, and health and hygiene activities that are both fun and beneficial. Let's set out on a journey of learning together!

Six Thinking Hats
Monday, November 11th
5 PM – 7 PM

Let's put on our thinking hats! We will learn about the 6 thinking hats theory and use it to solve various problems, from fixing a broken bike to brainstorming solutions for global warming. Get ready to think creatively and tackle challenges together!

Animal Welfare Lab (with special guest)
Thursday, November 14th
5 PM – 7 PM

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom Adventure! Discover birds, arthropods, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, exploring their habitats, adaptations, and unique characteristics. Dive into fish and pet care and build your own aquarium with STEM materials. Kids can ask questions about animal welfare and care directly to professionals in the field. Let's go on a wild journey of learning and creativity!

Healthy Planet
Monday, November 18th
5 PM – 7 PM

Let's keep our planet and our bodies healthy! we'll dive into ways to care for the Earth, discuss green energy, then get creative by making eco- friendly devices using recycled materials to help the environment thrive!

Human Body (with special guest)
Thursday, November 21st
5 PM – 7 PM

Welcome to our Human Body Adventure! Discover the nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. Get hands-on with real organ dissections, then build your own organ system model from recycled materials. Plus, meet a real-life doctor to answer all your questions about the human body and becoming a physician! Let's explore and learn together!

PE Science
Monday, November 25th
5 PM – 7 PM

Let's get moving with Physical Education! Join us for a fun twist on a triathlon challenge, where we exercise our bodies and minds. Learn stretching techniques and the basics of keeping muscles healthy. Get ready for Olympic levels of fun and fitness! Who's up for the challenge?

Health and Hygiene for Kids
Thursday, November 28th
5 PM – 7 PM

Cleanliness is key! We’ll dive into health and hygiene, discovering how to keep our bodies clean and happy. We’ll also engage in activities including emergency simulations and craft perfectly balanced meals. Let's all learn to live and eat well for a healthier, happier life!

Disaster Lab
Monday, December 2nd
5 PM – 7 PM

Join us as we explore Earth's geology, geography, weather, and climate! We'll delve into natural disasters, learning how each one forms. Together, we'll conduct earthquake experiments, create, and erupt our own volcanoes, and experience the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in virtual reality. Get ready for an exciting journey through Earth's dynamic forces!

Dino Lab
Thursday, December 5th
5 PM – 7 PM

Welcome to the world of paleontology! We dive into prehistoric life and fossil formation, uncovering the mysteries of dinosaurs and fossils. Join us in a race to create every type of fossil imaginable and share your theories on extinction. Let's journey back in time and unleash our inner paleontologists!

Dont miss out! Book now for only 10 KD per workshop! Limited seats available..

Policy and conditions:

  1. No refunds will be given once the child is registered.
  2. Parents need to pick up their children promptly at the program end time. Failure to do so will result in an extra 5kd charge for every half an hour after the program end time.
  3. Kids should be signed into the program at the Discovery Place reception by an adult.
  4. All children enrolled in the program must be able to use the washroom facilities independently.
  5. Please advise TSCK staff at the time of online registration if your child has any allergies or medical conditions for the safety of your children and others.
  6. TSCK will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal items. We encourage you not to send any valuable items with your children.
  7. By completing this registration you attest that the registered names are the legal guardians of the child(ren) and the information provided on the registration form is accurate.

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