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Environment Month
Join The Scientific Center for an Environment Month unseen any other year! Featuring a month long look at Kuwait’s environment, our biodiversity and the environmental pressures putting them at risk, as well as a range of science concepts related to the environment and climate change. Get ready to become an eco-warrior and fight to keep Kuwait clean!

Starting on March 22, you will be able to join The Scientific Center virtually, as well as in a selection of safe, outdoor programs, to engage in the environmental sciences and the future of energy, as well as plenty of free social media content on our Instagram and YouTube channels to learn from the comfort of your home.

Science in the Garden

Tired of virtual learning? Looking for a fun, yet educational, science program like years before? Join our after-school science club “Science in the Garden” during Environment Month and you and your family can be physically active while learning more about the science behind plants, insects, weather and animals! Built for children between the ages of 6 and 11 to explore nature, the program offers an opportunity to get active, outdoors, in a safe way that we all miss. Available for KD 30 per child, and includes two sessions, each for two hours.

Sustainable Farming in the Garden

Did you take part in the Science in the Garden, and are looking to take your gardening skills up a level? Ever been interested in learning to grow your own vegetables at home, even if you don’t have a garden or outdoor space? Then join us for our Sustainable Farming program in the outdoor space of The Scientific Center, where we will take you through the concepts of home farming, so you can grow your own vegetables at home, even in an apartment! Featuring a choice of 3 activities, you can participate in one or all three, at your own convenience, by selecting which activities you want to learn. Each activity is expected to take up to one hour, and you can stop by any time to start your session during the program hours of 10 am to 1 pm, before going home with your own activity materials. Activities available starting from KD 4.

Virtual Aquarium Tour, Environment Month Themed!

We’re sure you’ve seen that TSCK now offers a virtual tour live with one of our explainers through the Mijbil Almutawa Aquarium; well now, exclusive for the duration of Environment Month, the explainers will tour you through the aquarium to see all the animals you love while discussing the environmental impacts, dangers and sciences related to their ecosystems in a whole new experience. For those who have already joined us, this is a way to experience the tour in a whole new way, while learning new information about living things, and what you can do to become an eco-warrior!
Book your tour now by clicking here.

Exclusively for our accepted Eco-Warriors, this summit culminates the conclusion of their month-long learning program, with applicants presenting what they learned and utilizing their new skills sets to present in front of their peers. Not available for the public to view or attend, this is exclusively for our accepted TSCK Eco-Warriors, a program open to children 8-16 who want to make a difference and be a part of the TSCK family! For more information on the Eco-Warrior program and how to apply to become one, please click the button below.


Closing off Environment Month 2021 at The Scientific Center, join us over Instagram live on April 15 to hear from local experts, activists and professionals involved in helping drive Kuwait to a more sustainable future. Speakers will present the challenges Kuwait faces in relation to environment pressures, solutions that we can take at home ourselves, as well as the large scale programs taking place in Kuwait to help create a more sustainable environment for our future.

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