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Get ready for a remarkable summer adventure with The Scientific Center's Summer Camp! Running daily from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, our twelve-week long program caters to inquisitive minds aged 6 to 12, promising to inspire your child's imagination and encouraging them to explore the world of science, art, and technology!

Each week, campers will dive into a new science focused topic, engaging in activities that are both fun and educational. Our expert instructors will guide them through STEAM challenges that encourage creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills.

But that's not all! We also offer arts and crafts workshops where your child can learn about art history and get creative, as well as sports and recreational activities to keep them active and energized!

Our campers will also have the opportunity to visit some of the center's top attractions, including the IMAX theater, Aquarium, and Discovery Place. And for those who love animals, our critter corner offers up-close encounters with our ambassador animals, providing a unique and unforgettable learning experience.

Sign up your child at The Scientific Center summer camp today for an unforgettable summer of learning, exploration, and fun!

Week 1
Little Scientist Week
June 9 – June 13

Think being a scientist is hard? Think again! Join us as we explore a variety of exciting science topics and become scientists ourselves! From explosive experiments to studying plants and learning from expert zoologists, there's something for every little scientist to enjoy!
Week 2
Space Week
June 23 – June 27

Dive into the solar system, moon phases, astronomy, and exoplanets with exciting space-themed activities to test your knowledge!
Week 3
The Animal Kingdom Week
June 30 – July 4

Hold on tight! Animals are on the loose as we journey through Earth's habitats, exploring deserts, coasts, savannahs, arctic tundras, and rainforests! Hats on, explorers!
Week 4
Planet Earth Week
July 7 – July 11

Explore the wonders of Earth's stories with us! From geology basics to creating erupting volcanoes and learning about weather, climate, and natural disasters, join our interactive activities!
Week 5
Chemistry Week
July 14 – July 18

Get ready for explosive fun in the lab! We will explore the exciting world of chemistry, from reactions to states of matter and atomic theory through hands-on experiments and playful learning!
Week 6
Engineering Week
July 21 – July 25

Get ready for an adventure in engineering like never before! We will design, build, and test various structures, from buildings and bridges to Mars rovers and working machines!

* Children must bring in their own tablet to participate in the coding lesson.
Week 7
Dinosaurs and the Fossil Record Week
July 28 – August 1

Let's dive into the fascinating world of dinosaurs! Join us for paleontology adventures, where we explore prehistoric life, fossil formation, and exciting dinosaur activities!
Week 8
Ancient Civilizations Week
August 4 – August 8

From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Great Pyramids of Giza, we delve into the architecture and engineering of ancient marvels through building activities and creative expression!
Week 9
Technology Week

August 11 – August 15

Step into the world of technology exploration! From inventions to apps, coding, and robotics, kids will dive into all things tech and try their hand at real-life applications.

* Children must bring in their own tablet to participate in the coding lesson.
Week 10
Marine Science Week
August 18 – August 22

Dive into the ocean's wonders as we explore marine life and design vibrant coral reefs! What a splashy adventure!
Week 11
Forensic Science Week
August 25 – August 29

Get ready to solve mysteries like a detective! Join us as we uncover clues, analyze evidence, and crack cases!
Week 12
Human Body Week
September 1 – September 5

How do we think? How do we breathe? How does the heart work? We answer all these questions and more all while getting to know the inner workings of the human body and participating in related activities, such as dissections of real-life organs and making a model of the hand, our students get to do it all!

Each Week KD 60
Early Drop off / Late Pick Up: From 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM per week

KD 10 Extra

(Optional) Weeks 1 Field Trip to Super park Kuwait Wednesday June-12 KD 10, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 2 Field Trip to National Geographic Wednesday June-26 KD 15, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 3 Field Trip to Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center Wednesday July-3 KD 10, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 4 Kidzania Wednesday July-10 KD 15, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 5 Field Trip to Tekzone Wednesday July-17 KD 15, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 6 Field Trip to Quest Wednesday July-24 KD 10, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 7 Field Trip to Trampo Wednesday July-31 KD 10, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 8 Field Trip to Kidzania Wednesday Aug-7 KD 15, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 9 Field Trip to Tekzone Wednesday Aug-14 KD 15, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 10 Field Trip to National Geographic Wednesday Aug-21 KD 15, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 11 Field Trip to Bowling Wednesday Aug-28 KD 10, only open to registered campers
(Optional) Weeks 12 Field Trip to Trampo Wednesday Sep-4 KD 10, only open to registered campers

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  1. Sharing of personal items is strictly prohibited. All materials and touchable surfaces are disinfected daily prior to the start of camp for the safety of participants.
  2. Kids should be signed into the camp every morning at the Discovery Place reception by an adult. 
  3. The official times of the camp are 9 AM – 1 PM (reception opens at 8:45 AM). Children who have not been registered for an Early Drop Off/Late Pick Up and are seen to be arriving early/staying after camp hours will be required to pay the additional fee to enter the camp, with no refund offered if refused.
  4. The Discovery Place reception will open promptly at 8:45 AM on camp days. If an earlier drop off time is more convenient, you can register for early drop off for an additional fee of KD 10 per week, which allows parents to drop their children off starting at 8:00 AM.
  5. Children need to be picked up promptly at 1:00 PM at the Discovery Place reception by a parent or an authorized caregiver. For parents who require a later pick-up time, please sign up for our late pick-up option where kids can be picked up maximum by 2:30 PM.
  6. All children enrolled in the camp must be able to use the washroom facilities independently.
  7. Kids should bring with them a healthy lunch, snack and a water bottle. Please avoid packing nuts and nut-related food in consideration of other kids who have allergies.
  8. Younger children (6 - 8 years of age) will not be allowed to purchase items from Starbucks, Pizza Hut or other confectionary stands during camp hours.
  9. Camp kids will not be allowed to purchase caffeinated drinks during camp hours in consideration of their health.
  10. In line with the center’s environmental conservation initiatives, please avoid using single-use plastics such as disposable water bottles and plastic utensils. We encourage you to send reusable bottles and containers with your children.
  11. Please advise TSCK staff at the time of online registration if your child has any allergies or medical conditions for the safety of your children and others. At times, children will be treated to cake / pizza / popcorn. We routinely check online registration forms to ensure no allergies are present before offering these items but cannot be held responsible in case of allergic reactions if no allergies are stated in the online registration form.
  12. TSCK will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal items. We encourage you not to send any valuable items with your children.
  13. Weather permitting, children will participate in outdoor activities. Please make sure they come dressed appropriately for the weather.
  14. Please send with your child a backpack that contains an extra set of clothes.  Please also make sure that the backpack and your children’s belongings are clearly labeled with their full name. The center will not be responsible for any lost items.
  15. Cancellations must be requested 5 working days (during working hours of 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM) prior to the start of the registered camp week. Refunds will not be given for cancellations that come after this deadline.
  16. To participate in weekly trips, please ensure that you register your child at the time of online registration as seats for the trips are limited. The deadline for the weekly trip registrations will be every Monday prior to that trip at 5 PM.
  17. The Scientific Center reserves the right to expel any camper if their behavior violates TSCK behavioral code or poses a threat or danger to other children. This includes but is not limited to the following behaviors: bullying, use of improper language, physical or verbal abuse, failure to follow staff instructions. In these cases, parents will be notified in case of any incident related to their child. If the behavior continues TSCK reserves the right to cancel the child’s registration without refund.
  18. Please note that parents that enroll their kids in early drop off / late pick up are free to use the VIP facility to drop off/pick up their kids.
  19. If your child is not registered for early drop off / late pick up, please use the main parking lot, where you will be given 30 minutes of free parking during regular pick up and drop off times.
  20. By completing this registration, you attest that the registered names are the legal guardians of the child(ren) and the information provided on the registration form is accurate.
  21. For cancellations or to make any changes to bookings, please contact us on Camp@TSCK.org.kw  a minimum of five working days before the effective. We will not be able to make any changes to bookings based on verbal requests.

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